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Nékat Sphynx is a Sphynx cattery in New Hampshire, USA.

We not only breed healthy and beautifull cats, but also cats with amazing personalities. That is why our kittens grow up as part of the household. 


From birth we spend many hours getting our kittens used to all the sounds and sights that they will experience at their forever homes. After 14 weeks we are certain that we can place a social, healthy and sweet kitten in a carefully selected family.


Al our kittens are sold as family pet or show cat, with breeding restrictions, contract and guarantee. Our kittens are sterilized before placement by a specialised veterinarian.


Nékat Sphynx cats are frequently tested for signs of HCM, Herpes, FIV en FeLV. We only breed with healthy adults.


We are always willing to add interested Sphynx addicts to a waiting list for that special kitten.











René is an animal behaviourist (2005) and keen Sphynx breeder. She bought het first Sphynx in 1998, in South Africa. She started breeding Sphynx cats in 2001. 

René is found regularly on catshows, Sphynx forums, or on the couch between her three Sphynx cats, one Maine Coon and house cat.

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